UC Pink Bali Shortcake Acropora

UC Pink Bali Shortcake Acropora -  - House of Sticks -  House of Sticks - 1

It's finally available! We have been growing this colony out from a tiny frag for over a year and it has begun to yield us some excellent frags. Our personal favorite acropora, the striking deep red and yellow make this shine. Sure to be the centerpiece of your acropora collection.


These frags are 100% aquacultured by House of Sticks and each was cut from the mother colony pictured. We have previously offered frags of this sourced straight from UniqueCorals but are now proud to offer colored-up frags grown in-house!


Standard frags (not WYSIWYG). You will receive a coral similar to the frags pictured. First three photos are of our mother colony.


Lighting (PAR) 300-500
Flow High
Aggressiveness None
Difficulty Moderate
Considerations Relatively easy to keep acropora however can be difficult to color up. 


$ 89.99