UC Pikachu Acropora

UC Pikachu Acropora -  - Unique Corals -  House of Sticks - 1

A great strain of yellow acro with red polyps, we received a frag of this in early 2015 from Unique which we have since grown into a nice colony. The yellow color can vary from just being on the tips to covering the entire coral depending on lighting, nutrients, and trace elements. Interestingly, when we cut frags and move them to our frag tank they go full-yellow in a matter of days!


These frags are 100% aquacultured by House of Sticks and each was cut from the mother colony pictured. We have previously offered frags of this sourced straight from UniqueCorals but are now proud to offer colored-up frags grown in-house!


Standard frags (not WYSIWYG). You will receive a coral similar to the frags pictured. First photo is of our mother colony.


Lighting (PAR) 300-500
Flow High
Aggressiveness None
Difficulty Moderate
Considerations Relatively easy to keep acropora however can be difficult to color up. 

$ 99.99