Triton CORE7 4 Part Balanced Ionic Solution

Triton CORE7 4 Part Balanced Ionic Solution -  - Triton -  House of Sticks

** We now carry the new Triton Core7 Base Elements. 7 times more concentrated and no mixing required! Easy to switch over for existing Triton Base Elements users.

BASE ELEMENTS CORE7 is a newly re-formulated super-concentrate (7x) of the BASE ELEMENTS products used by the Triton Method. This concentrate combines the essential macro elements with a scientifically formulated suite of trace elements to replenish those consumed in the daily function of your reef system. Requires no mixing with RO/DI, you can dose straight out of the bottle. Recommended starting dose is 2ml for every 26 gallons of system water for each of the 4 parts. Test alkalinity daily to dial in the amount of liquids needed to maintain a stable alkalinity close to 8dkh.  When dosing small amounts you can dilute each bottle with RO/DI water to increase the ml's dosed daily. This will allow the doser to dose more per day reducing calibration errors. Parts 3A and 3B can be combined into one solution for people running a 3 stage doser.  Just remember to double the dose of this 3rd channel on the doser if doing this. Triton does recommend dosing the bottles as 4 separate parts. 

Because this is a very concentrated product you will need to dose into an area of high flow in the sump. It is ideal to dose directly into the refugium section. We recommend spreading the dose out so each part is not dosed at the same time to avoid precipitation. It is recommended to put 5 minutes between each part being dosed. This is a direct replacement for the previous Base Elementz product.

Quantity discounts available below. If you have a very large system or want 10+ sets please contact us for bulk set pricing.

$ 52.00