Aussie Gold Torch

Aussie Gold Torch -  - House of Sticks -  House of Sticks - 1

We have seen a lot of "Gold" Torches in our time in the hobby, but this really is the TRUE Gold. Bright Gold/Orange sweepers with bright blue tips. Sourced from Australia, this variant appears very different from the Gold Torches of Bali and Indonesia.


Please note that in our experience these can be a bit more sensitive then other Euphyllia. They seem to do best in tanks with stable parameters and stable alkalinity. 


First picture is a frag that has been in our display for 18+ months. Second picture is some of our inventory shortly after arrival and dipping. Third picture shows some of our other Euphyllia inventory as a color reference. All photos are under combination T5 and LED.


Note: The price has risen ~40% on these in the past year due to an across the board rise in wholesale costs. We have heard many reasons why from the wholesalers and divers, with the most common being that they are becoming more and more difficult to locate in Australia. In the past 2 years we have gone from regular weekly/monthly shipments to maybe one out of 10 wholesalers having limited stock once every few months. We really wish we could source more and pass on lower costs, but the supply only seems to be getting more constrained.

$ 99.99