Tyree Pink Lemonade Acropora

Tyree Pink Lemonade Acropora -  - House of Sticks -  House of Sticks - 1

Overheard at recent Frag Swaps... "WHAT is that?!", "That's a Pink Lemonade?!", "No way. Mine has never looked like that."


We like to think our Pink Lemonade strain is a little bit special. The colors it displays are just beyond amazing. Ok enough gloating, but seriously this thing has taken off in the color department for us lately and the frags hold the colors just as well in our frag system. Somewhat limited supply as our colony is still young but this one is worth the wait.


These frags are 100% aquacultured by House of Sticks and each was cut from the mother colony pictured. 


Standard frags (not WYSIWYG). You will receive a coral similar to the frags pictured. First two photos are of our mother colony.

$ 69.99