Caribbean White Zebra Rock Flower Anemone

Caribbean White Zebra Rock Flower Anemone -  - House of Sticks -  House of Sticks - 1

A personal favorite of ours, rock flower 'nems are extremely easy to care for. They require no feeding (unless you want accelerated growth), can withstand relatively dangerous swings in water parameters, and very rarely move once settled in. They also make an excellent host to Porcelain Crabs (as show in the pictures). Our experience is that these nems are nearly indestructible and we have several that have been through multiple tank moves spanning 2-3 years.


This color variety is nearly pure white in person and has zebra stripes along the center disc. Some specimens have light shades of pink to complement the white stripes.


You will receive an anemone extremely similar to the first picture.

$ 39.99