Shipping & Guarantee


Livestock Macro Algae Dry Goods
$39 FedEx Priority Overnight $15 USPS Priority $15 USPS Priority or Ground
FREE on Orders Over $250 FREE on Orders Over $100 FREE on Orders Over $100

No box charges and no hidden fees!

We ship all livestock (except Macro Algae) orders Fedex Priority Overnight so in most cases it will arrive by 10:30AM.

Some Dry Goods may be eligible to be shipped along with Livestock. Please contact us for details.

If you live in the Las Vegas Area, we may be able to arrange delivery. We also accept local pickup for FREE in Mesquite, NV.


*** March 2017 Update: We regret that we must raise our shipping rates to cover the large rate increases and changes to dimensional weights that FedEx has implemented in 2017. With these new rates our average shipping cost has gone up a whopping 20%, and faced with the choice of increasing our coral prices or the shipping, we chose to adjust the shipping. We hate passing on costs to customers, especially with so many great choices in coral vendors, but our alternative options have come up quite short on this one.


Livestock Guarantee

All our livestock (unless otherwise noted on product page) is guaranteed for live arrival within 4 hours of first delivery attempt. Please ensure you are home and can sign for your package. Guarantee claims will be refunded to your original means of payment. All claims will require photos of the deceased animal sent within the Guarantee time frame. Under certain circumstances we may ask you to ship the deceased animal back to us so please do not dispose of it. Unfortunately we cannot be held liable for shipping delays, delivery problems, or carrier issues and thus we cannot under any circumstance reimburse shipping costs.


Fish Guarantee

No Quarantine - If you don't possess a fish quarantine system, our fish will come with a 14-day stay-alive guarantee. If the fish should happen to die in your care, we will require detailed photos of the specimen and will promptly refund the purchase price.We do not issue store credit.

QT Guarantee - If on the day of your fish's arrival you provide photos of the fish in your quarantine system, the above guarantee will be extended to 30-days! This is our way of rewarding good husbandry practices. 

Fish Guarantee fine print: We cannot under any circumstance reimburse shipping costs. All refunds will be returned to the original method of payment. If the fish shows signs of extreme stress, bite marks, dried up from jumping out of the tank, or other poor-husbandry we reserve the right to contest and refuse the refund. Please make sure your existing fish are compatible with your new fish purchase. We strongly recommend the use of acclimation boxes to diminish aggression and make feeding easier. This guarantee DOES NOT apply for local pickup unless explicitly approved.