Triton Essential Traces Pack

Triton Essential Traces Pack -  - Triton -  House of Sticks

Just getting started with Triton? We made this pack just for you! Over the past year we have found that these 4 trace elements are the most beneficial to coral coloration and health in our Triton systems and we dose all of these elements weekly.

Normally $32 each, we discounted the pack to get you started right!



Manganese - Critical for Goniopora health and macroalgae growth.

Iodine - Essential for all tank inhabitants but especially Zoanthids. Carbon typically starves tanks of Iodine if it is not regularly dosed.

Zinc - Helps prevent burnt tips on SPS and facilitates calcification.

Vanadium - Helpful with coloration and filter feeders. Please use caution dosing as a tiny amount goes a long long way and overdosing can be harmful.


We also strongly recommend keeping Potassium and Strontium at or above recommended levels (400+ and 8+ respectively). Our Triton Method systems require regular Strontium addition so you may want to consider purchasing some Strontium as well.

$ 119.99