Our process:
All fish sold on our website are held at least 30 days before selling. Upon arrival all fish are given a Safety-Stop bath, as this has proven to us over the years to prevent most fish ailments. Our fish are fed daily to multiple times daily depending on needs. We feed exclusively frozen foods such as Rod's Food, LRS, and PE Mysis. If the fish is showing any signs of infection or ailment they will be treated and will not be shipped or sold until the fish is healthy again. We prefer to keep the fish in a natural ocean salinity and low-stress environment rather then the 24/7 medicated water which some suppliers utilize.
Our guarantee:
No Quarantine - If you don't possess a fish quarantine system, the fish will come with a 14-day stay-alive guarantee. If the fish should happen to die in your care, we will require detailed photos of the specimen and will promptly refund the purchase price.We do not issue store credit.
QT Guarantee - If on the day of your fish's arrival you provide photos of the fish in your quarantine system, the above guarantee will be extended to 30-days! This is our way of rewarding good husbandry practices. 
Please see the shipping page for more details and exclusions.

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